Saturday, 5 February 2011

Brighton Pride: Brought To You Courtesy Of Sussex Police

Brighton Pride - or rather the bozos who've hijacked it - have announced that they will be charging admission for this year's event.
Yup, Brighton Pride is about to be privatised.
The police have been piling on the pressure to make it a paid-for event - how shameful they've let PC Plod set the terms and conditions.
Didn't Gay Pride start cause we were fighting the cops outside The Stonewall Inn?
My how times have changed.
Now we just roll over and say "Yes, sir!"
Costs will increase, of course.
As it's now a commercial event, Sussex Police will charge to police it for the first time.
Can you join the dots on that one?
There will also be a limit on how many people are allowed to be Proud, in a specially erected corral in Preston Park.
London Pride did much the same thing ten years ago - rebranding itself as London Mardi Gras, and turning into a corporate leviathan.
Result? People stopped going and it went bust after a few sorry years.
I wonder how long the new Brighton Pride will last?
Several community organisations have said they can and will not work with the people who've taken over Brighton Pride - quite right too.
Of course, people can still go on the march/parade for free.
As it'll end up at Preston Park why don't people stay there - but outside the corral.
What will be inside that's worth paying for - some crappy market stalls and some bars selling over-priced beer?
You won't be able to take your own booze into the corral, of course.
And the cops will be checking again with their Track Machine that you're not on any of those naughty, illegal drugs.
Anyway, we could call this unofficial event The Real Brighton Pride - with the slogan "Better out than in".
Anyone want to join me?


  1. Count me in/out.

  2. This story made The Sunday Mirror -

  3. That photo is like the cliche photo you see in the newspapers after Notting Hill carnival of a policeman dancing with a large black woman.
    We are your friends.

  4. That copper is hot - sorry.

  5. There was an "alternative" plan for Pride - it stressed it would have to be ticketed and charging.
    I think you are right.
    Brighton Pride will now just die on the vine.

  6. The park is for newbies I will be going to the street party