Friday, 10 June 2011

Bradley Manning: Only Connect?

Queerty have just put up this video which they commissioned from media activists The Standard Rebellion.
It brings up an interesting paradox, for Fagburn at least; how the media will often detail Bradley Manning's biography/sexuality - while ignoring what those WikiLeaks showed us. *
And how they will describe Manning's troubled childhood, split with his boyfriend blah blah blah as if they explain his - alleged - action.
But also use all this to discredit him; as if he's just some crazy fag, rather than a brave and noble (gay) man who acted out of conscience.
Conversely, see if you can spot a slight hint of homophobia in any of the comments made by Bradley's "supporters" in the video above.

"I want people to see the truth… because without information, you cannot make informed decisions as a public."

• In Support Of Bradley Manning - an open letter to LGBTQ orgs & individuals.

* Ironically so does the SR video - this page of the Bradley Manning Support Network website gives links.


  1. No kidding! About as relevant as the colour of his hair, same as for any body else (in my opinion.)

  2. But it becomes relevant if it's used to demonize him...

  3. Fair enough there but still irrelevant to the rights or wrongs and legalities of the leaks issue, which in an immaginary common-sense world would be the only question that mattered.