Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Brian Sewell Vs Coronation Street: How Terribly Vulgar

Well-known expert on working class Northern life, Brian Sewell, wades into the debate about all The Gays on our TV soaps before the watershed a-kissing and a-cuddling, asking;
'What Have They Done To CORRIE?'
In The Daily Mail, natch.
"Is it true that the lives of heterosexual Mancunians are haplessly intertwined with transvestites, transsexuals, teenage lesbians and a horde of homosexuals across the age range? Is Manchester now the Sodom of the North?
"Coronation Street has a gay scriptwriter, Damon Rochefort. Fine. Nothing wrong with that. Indeed, its very first writer, its inventor in 1959, Tony Warren, was gay and open about it when homosexuality was still illegal and the penalties dire — and had a tough time with homophobia.
"But the pendulum has swung to the other extreme, and where once we had no gaiety at all, we now, perhaps, have rather too much..."
Blah blah blah!
"As a result, TV is far too politically correct..."
Blah blah blah!
Mad conclusion coming up!
"If the audience responds to the proselytising and is happy for the street to swarm with gloomy lesbians and happy homosexuals engaged in relationships ranging from intensely monogamous to brief, shallow and promiscuous, then it must be broadcast after the watershed. ITV must make up its mind."
Did this commission for the Mail come over lunch with Paul Dacre?
How very stupid of Mr Sewell to enter into this debate in the pages of the Mail.
You silly old queen.

• You can watch Brian Sewell's filth-filled 2007 Channel 4 TV documentary, Dirty Dali here. How lucky for us Dali forever preserved young Mr Sewell wanking on film.

Update: On Thursday The Daily Star ran with a straight lift of this story titled 'Corrie Is Now Far Too Gay'.
They even trailed it on the front page - and guess what they illustrated that with?
A photo of two goodlooking young lesbians from Corrie snogging.
Won't someone please think of the children!!


  1. I love Brian Sewell. :p
    He does talk a load of shit, though (as here).

  2. I live on a street in Salford (origin of coronation street) there are 16 houses, 9 have gay couples or singles, 1 has 3 drag queens in it. It's real!