Sunday, 31 July 2011

David Norris: Virtually Ruined?

Senator David Norris's bid for the Irish presidency looks in serious trouble after an internet smear campaign begun by a self-styled Zionist blogger opposed to his "criticism of Israel".
The story has been picked up by the Irish press this weekend:

"The presidential candidate contacted the Sunday Independent as an increasingly virulent internet campaign about his relationship with Ezra Yizhak Nawi [a prominent pro-Palestinian Israeli human rights activist - Fagburn] gathered force, to address the issues surrounding the conviction of his former partner for having sex with an underage Palestinian youth in 1992.
"Mr Norris had, at that stage, been separated from his former partner for more than seven years.
"However, in a revelation that is almost certain to seriously damage his campaign, the senator told the Sunday Independent that when the case broke in 1997 he provided a character reference to the court in the first trial and a second reference to Nawi's lawyers in the subsequent appeal..."

Well, yes and no...
You can read a copy of the leaked letter here.
NB Norris states his belief that Nawi was "lured into a carefully prepared trap", and he finds the circumstances of his arrest "curious and troubling" (Page 6).
Nawi was the victim of false accusations by the Israeli authorities in 2009; he was charged with assaulting a border guard when Nawi was trying to stop the demolition of Palestinian homes - this led to an international outcry.
The recent scandal was manufactured by a right-wing Irish blogger, Thesystemworks.
The blogger is quite open about his real motives;
"My main problem with Norris in recent times has been his outspoken criticism of Israel."
On a personal page on the site the blogger - real name John Connolly - states; "I have two major loves: free markets and Zionism."
His website contains an entire section on/against Ezra Nawi, a hate figure for the Zionist far right.
Norris is standing as an independent and has recently been the front-runner.
He told the Sunday Independent he still intends to stand.

Update: 'Israeli embassy denies Norris intervention.' Never believe anything until it's officially denied...

Update 2: Tuesday PM Norris quits presidential race.

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