Friday, 19 August 2011

George Michael: Doing It For The Kids

"The other project is a dance album. I hope it will be universal in its appeal but it will be very directly gay in its lyrical content because as a gay man who has been living out – in public – for about 15 years, I feel it’s about time I put my life into my work the way that I’ve always said that I do. And I do – I’ve just tended to write about my relationships, but gay relationships are really not that different – falling in love is falling in love, being heartbroken is being heartbroken...
"It’s about dance, sex, fun – that’s what a lot of being gay is now – but the gay community has become so apolitical, it’s so not sexy to be an activist. It’s considered ‘spoiling the party.’ We’ve become this a-politicised community, which has so much to complain about still. The album is not about ‘Stop the homophobia’ – it’s about making people understand how damaging stereotyping can be. Stereotyping is not necessarily homophobic, it just stuff that doesn’t occur to straight people. It’s the same kind of stuff that wouldn’t occur to me about straight people’s life because I don’t have children. I’m addressing gay people in gay terms, and a lot of people will be shocked and won’t like it. A lot of gay kids will love it, I hope. But it’s all honest and I have the best intentions. I have to make these statements in gay terminology, to gay people, with lots of club remixes and sex and, hopefully, some humour."

George Michael, interviewed by Canada's Metro.
15 years after Older, George gives us Grindr - The Album.
Can't wait.
Let's hope this isn't yet another of George's projects he's too stoned to actually finish.


  1. Oh God, I hope it's good.
    I really like George and fink anyone who slags him off is talkiing shit out of their mouth-holes.

  2. When did he last make a good record pls - just out of interest...

  3. ^ I think I prefer his early stuff.