Sunday, 4 December 2011

Education: Section 28 2.0

Free Schools and Academies Must Promote Marriage

The importance of marriage is to be taught to every pupil at the Government's flagship free schools and academies.
The schools will be made to sign up to strict new rules introduced by Michael Gove, the Education Secretary, setting out what pupils must learn about sex and relationships.
Headteachers will be told that children must be "protected from inappropriate teaching materials and learn the nature of marriage and its importance for family life and for bringing up children".
But the decision to spell out an explicit endorsement of marriage in the curriculum for tens of thousands of children is highly politically significant, and likely to be welcomed by Conservative traditionalists who have been concerned at a perceived failure by David Cameron's Government to deliver on pledges to support married life.
Mr Gove has introduced the "model funding agreement" as a template for how every new free school and academy is run. Ministers want a dramatic increase in the numbers of both types of schools.
The new rules on marriage are set out in clause 28 of the funding agreement – an echo of the controversy under Margaret Thatcher's government when Clause 28 of the 1988 Local Government Bill banned schools from promoting homosexuality..."

From The Sunday Telegraph - I think this is their exclusive.
So all that stuff David Cameron told Conservative conference about supporting gay marriage was bullshit.
Someone quick write the book Michael Gove Lived With Ivan and Nicholas!
Will try and find the text of the funding agreement tomorrow to check it
but this sounds dreadful...

Update: These two quotes have since been aded to the end of the article;

Sex and Relationship Education Guidance, July 2000

Pupils should be taught about the nature and importance of marriage for family life and bringing up children. But the Government recognises that there are strong and mutually supportive relationships outside marriage. Therefore pupils should learn the significance of marriage and stable relationships as key building blocks of community and society. Care needs to be taken to ensure that there is no stigmatisation of children based on their home circumstances.

Free School Model Funding Agreement and Academy Model Funding Agreement, July 2011

"The Academy Trust shall have regard to any guidance issued by the Secretary of State on sex and relationship education to ensure that children at the academy are protected from inappropriate teaching materials and they learn the nature of marriage and its importance for family life and for bringing up children."

Can you spot the difference?

You can read the funding agreement here - many thanks to everyone who forwarded this.


  1. Not a massive coalition fan or anything but... Cameron has said the government will legislate to allow for same-sex marriages as well as civil partnerships. So the marriages that will be promoted in these schools will be both straight and gay.

    A gay marriage is and should be taught to be as good a place to raise kids as any other marriage.

  2. if it's any help - Clause 28 (yes, actually clause 28) of the Model Funding Agreement at

  3. FFS!
    We're going backwards!

  4. Link to the document here:

  5. how are they FREE schools if they get diktats like this?