Thursday, 8 December 2011

Gary Speed: Rumours

"As false rumours spread about an impending tabloid sting on football manager Gary Speed in the hours after his apparent suicide, the Daily Star's chief crime correspondent Jerry Lawton went on the offensive.
"Internet rumours are completely untrue," he tweeted personally to anyone he could find spreading them. "Our lawyers investigating them."
"For those unfamiliar with the work of this fierce crusader for truth and honesty, Lawton's was the byline on such Madeleine McCann scoops as "Maddie's Mum 'To Be Charged'", "Maddie Mum's Confession", "Maddie Parents Are Lying", "Shock New DNA Clue To Parents", "Maddie Body Was Stored In Freezer: Cops to ask parents three key questions", and "Maddie 'Sold' by Hard-Up McCanns"."

Street Of Shame, Private Eye.

Fagburn thinks it's terrible that some people have been spreading rumours that The Daily Star may have had something to do with Gary Speed's "apparent suicide".
Particularly as Private Eye using the phrase "apparent suicide" suggests they don't think it was a suicide - but it was a bizarre wanking accident or something.
Fagburn, of course, has no inside information about this tragic case, and thus shall refrain from both conjecture and idle speculation.
Good day!

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