Sunday, 4 November 2012

Pink List 2012: Randoms

To the Independent On Sunday who publish their ever ludicrous and tokenistic Pink List 2012 of "influential lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people who, you feel, make Britain safer, fairer, better and more entertaining."
These things are like reading out requests on a radio show - thrilling if you're mentioned, but baffling/boring to everyone else.
Anyway, I'm just bitter - straight in at number one, who else could it be, but... Nicola Adams.
Only a bisexual Olympic boxer, no less!
Ever since she boxed bisexually at the Olympics Fagburn has felt the world has changed forever. 
The top-rated chap is, but of course, Peter Tatchell - "legend".
So legendary that the IoS forgot to include him in last year's list.
(There's a separate list of "national treasures" - barf).*
At least it's obvious La Tatchell does stuff for The Gays, but how the bumbum did that awful right-wing closet case David Laws make the top 10?
Answers on a fiddled expenses form...

* There's also a top ten of journalists which - remarkably - includes those joyless, reactionary Uncle Toms, Julie Bindel and Andrew Pierce. Presumably for services to homophobia.
(Ironically all the potted bios of these supposed exemplars of good journalism are so badly written, they read like the sorry result of 'Take your child to work day').

There is a companion piece claiming one in two young LGBT people self-harm. This is hysterical junk, and completely unscientific, so I'm not sure it's even worth dignifying with a critique.
When will people realise some gay groups and individuals have a vested financial interest in making out things are far worse for LGBTs than they actually are?
Still, let's keep those grants coming...

Update: And here's an amusing demolition job by my close personal showbiz pal, The Guyliner.


  1. Which of Guyliner's dates were you? I need to know.

  2. Let's just say it didn't really work out and leave it at that, okay?