Monday, 15 April 2013

Sport: Selling Out

A gay man who makes money out of trying to convince businesses they can make money out of marketing to gay men has said businesses can make money out of marketing to gay men, Gay Stupid News can reveal.
And Bob Doogle-Wanger III, head of Pink Pounding Inc, says the next market to be opened up will be the world of sports.
"Without a doubt, I really believe this," Bob told GSN. "If a top baseball player came out he could make $10billion immediately - that's just a ball park figure, of course."
Doogle-Wanger is author of the book, The Pot Of Gold Over The Rainbow: Making The Gay Market Work For You.
He estimates the US LGBT population's buying power is approximately $800 trillion.
This is based on his own totally reliable research that shows one in four Americans are gay, and most are millionaires.
"When I tell people this they think I must be kidding, and must have made this up cause I have a vested financial interest in peddling crap like this," he laughs. 
"I can see Nike getting on board real quick," he says. "They have a history of championing diversity in their advertising. They sponsored that South African athlete guy without any feet, and that worked out real well for them.
"Also they employ a helluva lot of children in South-east Asia to make their clothes - I think that shows these dudes really care about the little people."

In other "news", Gay Stupid News reports on some things all the other gay media wrote about a few days ago.

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