Friday, 19 July 2013

Mariage Des Meurtriers: C'est Des Conneries!

Two gay convicted killers have married each other in prison – with notorious terrorist Carlos the Jackal as their witness.
Serial killer Alfredo Stranieri and Germain Gaiffe – who beheaded a man – married inside the high-security prison at Poissy, near Paris.
Gaiffe, 45, wore a white wedding dress but was ordered to change into men’s clothing. Guests included Carlos the Jackal after the couple asked him to be their witness.
Wednesday’s civil ceremony is believed to be the first gay wedding in prison since France passed a same-sex marriage law two months ago.
Controversial comedian Dieudonne M’bala was the other witness, despite speaking out against gay marriage.
He was also asked to change out of a white wedding dress. Mr M’bala said: ‘This is the France of tomorrow.’

Daily Mail.

Okay, so an extremely right-wing anti-gay French comedian says this and you believe him?
And he overcame his hatred of gay marriage to witness this momentous event?
Do you not think it might be a hoax/joke?
Clue's in the word "comedian".
And "anti-gay".
Two grisly gay killers get gaymarried?
The most hated gay men in France, you mean?
And Carlos The Jackal was witness - they let him out of Clairvaux maximum security prison for the day then?
You couldn't make it up!

PS Pink News fell for this, perhaps unsurprisingly.

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