Thursday, 18 July 2013

Equal Marriage Becomes Legal: That Sun Coverage In Full!

Via @JamieHannant on Twitter

Update: Exclusive: Whitehall questions why equal marriage was largely ignored by BBC, Channel 4 and other media - Pink News. Meaning when the bill was given royal assent.
Interesting, thorough piece, but this was only a formality - the big news was when it passed the Commons and Lords...

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  1. Maybe they got it right by default.

    Same sex marriage means little to the vast majority of people. Simply put, in a nation that has had civil partnerships for nearly a decade, where those in civil partnerships are known as married anyway, where marriage itself means little-let's face it: the institution is very nearly dead, who gives an expletive either way about gay people getting married?

    Truth is, most don't care-and why should they?

    All this 'hoorah' crap and 'love is now equal'-since when did anybody need marriage to love one another for heaven's sake?! - and, on the other side of the coin, 'gays will destroy society' etc is for the moronic of mind.

    Sorry, but most people don't care or are neutral towards same sex marriage. But isn't that the LGBT cause is all about anyway? For people to leave them alone and get on with their own messy lives?

    They don't want to celebrate, and why should they?

    Have at marriage if you want, but don't expect a nation that cares very little about marriage full stop to have joyous raptures over it.