Friday, 9 August 2013

Tom Daley Calendar 2014: Exclusive Review

January - Meh.
February - What on earth is that quilted thing you're wearing?
March - One for your granny.
April - Winsome.
May - Pouting painted tart.
June - You did this in Sept-Dec.
July - Airbrushed to bummery.
August - Nice to know you like sitting on a big rock.
September - Did your aunt knit that?
October - Just awful, like something from a Next catalogue.
November - I see sir dresses to the left (We knew that).
December - Hello!!

What's this whole "Tom Daley wearing clothes" thing about anyway?
10 out of 13 photos beclothed.
It's hardly worth nicking the calendar from Claire's Accessories.
Give me Speedos or give me death!
Sort it out!

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