Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Barclays Bank: Rhyming Slang

As Barclays repays £100 million wrongly charged on loans, we hear of more mishandling of money by a top executive. Anthony Watson, its chief information officer, paid £2,250 at auction for a pair of swimming trunks worn by Tom Daley, the diver, at the Olympics. 
Watson, who was No 26 on this year’s World Pride Power List of influential gay people, one behind Jodie Foster, says: “I’m not sure whether I’m going to wear them.” Not in the office anyway. 

The Times Diary.  

Lovely story - I'm well jell.
But how come Anthony Watson can afford to shell out £2,250 for a pair of our Tom's old trunks...

Over 300 years old, Barclays is one of the largest banks in the world. It has been implicated in almost every recent banking controversy, and pays a pittance in corporation tax, an amount that even its former chief executive described as “shocking”.

Barclays played a leading role in the Libor scandal, which saw the bank help rig money markets for its own financial gain, to the tune of trillions of dollars. From its £4.1 billion provision for PPI mis-selling to aggressive exploitation of tax havens, Barclays is the standard bearer of unethical behaviour in the banking industry. Only 23% of its assets help the real economy; almost a third are tied up in risky financial derivatives. As a result, Barclays scored zero on 14 of the 16 indicators on the Move Your Money Switching Scorecard.

The number of complaints and ombudsman referrals about Barclays are as sky high as its directors’ salaries and bonuses. The bank might be trying to smarten up its image with a cosmetic rebranding exercise, but with no customer power and only a handful of women on its board, Barclays scored poorly on its culture too.

Barclays’ investment portfolio shows a complete disregard for the environment, human rights and arms proliferation, giving the bank the lowest possible mark for ethics. Customer satisfaction is rock bottom, as is its rating for honesty, thanks to extensive lobbying and misleading advertising...

Thankfully the morally bankrupt Gay Star News has been running a series of "articles" - clearly paid-for advertorial, though their contempt for their readers is so great they don't mention this - to let The Gays know that Barclays are actually saints.
What a corrupt bunch of shameful corporate-whoring scum.

PS And Gay Star News continue to cry homophobia where there is none; Waitress calls friends 'gay guys' on printed bar receipt. 
So what?
She needed a shothand description so she and other waiting staff would know who she meant.
Is "gay guys" any more offensive than writing "men in hats"?

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