Sunday, 19 January 2014

'Slamming': 'Meteoric' Crap About Gay Men And Drugs By - Surprise! - The Independent

Three times as many gay and bisexual men in London inject drugs than in England as a whole, according to new analysis, which also found that four times as many use crystal meth in the capital than across the rest of the country.

The figures, compiled by the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine (LSHTM), reinforce experts’ warnings of a “meteoric” rise in the number of gay men injecting drugs such as mephedrone, GHB or crystal meth, in the capital. The trend – known as “slamming” – gives users a more intense high and commonly takes places at sex parties which can go on for several days, according to experts; they warn that the trend could be linked to a disturbing rise in HIV infection rates.

The number of men injecting in a sexual context quadrupled between 2011 and 2013, according to Antidote, the UK’s only lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender drug and alcohol support service. More than 60 per cent of their clients injected drugs last year. This is double the number who injected in 2010. Nine years ago, fewer than 1 per cent were injecting drugs.

Antidote has been “overwhelmed” by men presenting with health conditions from the sexualised use of these drugs – which increase libido while decreasing sexual inhibition...

The Independent.

Apologies for not writing this earlier today.

Even though I've been writing this blog about coverage of gay men in the media for almost four years now, sometimes an article comes along that's so spectacularly shit and cranium-shatteringly stupid that I am - temporarily - literally lost for words.

Of course, one can have nothing but respect for the thoughts of a journalist who bills themselves 'Human Rights Correspondent' - as does Sarah Morrison.

So when she warns of 'a “meteoric” rise in the number of gay men injecting drugs' it's hard not to believe her - even though the number of gay men we are talking about here is so small it's almost statistically insignificant - and not think it's easier to file a news story based on hyperbole and scare-mongering.

And I am sure Sarah has an intimate knowledge of the gay chem-sex parties ("which can go on for several days, according to experts") of which she writes.

One can only admire a journalist who writes an expose that hinges on the word "anecdotally", cites tiny subject-specific self-selecting surveys as "proof", and backs it all up by quoting someone called "Jason (not his real name)".

Likewise, Antidote are a great organisation - and it would be cynical to suggest they have here invented a problem - "Slamming" WTF? - that doesn't really exist as that's how they can get even more funding.

It's not like they have any history of that sort of thing. 

Oh no.

Boys, The Independent On Sunday has discovered we are all fucking and drugging ourselves to death.

Although there is absolutely no evidence for that.

PS Interesting you can't leave comments after this feature. Shame - as every gay man I've communicated with thinks it's a piece of utter shit. I've asked Sarah Morrison and the IoS to get them to turn it on.

PPS The straight - and sometimes sadly gay - press love these kind of unfounded scare stories. See also: "bug chasing", and the imminent invasion of crystal meth - now regularly predicted for 20 years!


  1. this is not the first time this subject has been discussed. in fact this past year there have been several articles. here's a good list of them.

  2. Fagburn. Why do you think Antidote and others are lying about this? What evidence have you got? Why would anyone trust the opinions of one man over several organisations?

    1. I don't think they are lying, but talking this up as a problem. I'd like to know the actual number of men presenting themselves to Antidote with this...

    2. You accuse Antidote of 'talking this up as a problem' and yet you didn't bother to get the actual numbers from them first? Why not?

    3. You need to get out more often whatever your name is !
      Yes Meth abuse is rife. Yes injecting is common place. And if you think you're the voice of a gay generation you should wise up or shut up.

    4. The reason none of the gay men you spoke to about slamming and if they thought the article had some merrit and said they thought it was bullshit is because meth addicts don't socialise with the rest of the gay community because its taboo

      I think if you went to and made a profile then corresponded with some of the individuals on the site you might find that what this article is reporting is actually not far off at all

      Also I am not sure if London has bathhouses but here in Toronto Ontario , we do. At these bathhouses such as Steamworks for example you often come across folks who at doing drugs and a lot of them are "slamming" . Especially the ones who get a sling room.

      Here's a few sites to check out.

      I think you will find that really she is right on point with what she is claiming and warning us about

  3. You accuse them of being vague and unscientific but say 'every gay man I've communicated with thinks it's a piece of utter shit'. That's alright then. No problem. All your mates think it's fine.

  4. Every charity "talks up", or as it's more usually known, "raises awareness", because "funding", or as it is normally known, "existing" is important. In this case, Antidote is already funded by two NHS trusts and the Big Lottery Fund who don't

    It's pretty easy to pick apart their article. It's the Independent writing it. But you conflate a clumsily researched article with a fake issue, and that's kinda cranium shatteringly stupid, actually.

    Rather than asking your mate (which *is* statistically insignificant), spend a few minutes talking to an A&E doctor at St Thomas' hospital in London about the effects of G and crystal on clubbers, consider the fact that G disintegrates (it metabolises to carbon dioxide and its half life is 27 minutes..) so is not picked up in post mortems by coroners, consider that G has been proven (extensive references online) to be physically addictive requiring managed withdrawal, or spend an hour on Grindr in central London on a Sunday and get yourself along to a party where they're injecting (or at the least, using G).

    Not as funny though, for sure.

  5. that was kinda my point.

    PS These parties sound awesome - how does one get invited?

    1. These parties are not *awesome*. If you had any idea of what you were talking about you would know how your crass attempt at humour falls flat. Have you ever logged on to Scruff/Grindr in Vauxhall or Kennington on a weekend? Do you even live in London? Have you been to Chariots sauna in Vauxhall? Have you been to Fire? Is this a case of "I've not encountered this, so it doesn't exist?"

      NO. Antidote has not and does not "talk up" this problem in order to raise revenue. Nor does the "Club Drug Clinic" at Chelsea and Westminster hospital, nor A&E at St Thomas's Hospital on a Saturday night/Sunday morning, or the packed meetings of Crystal Meth Anonymous (which wasn't needed in London until last year) If you think this is "talked up" why didn't you go out and do your own research before writing such an absurd article.

      Friends of mine have lost their job, their boyfriend, their homes and some have lost their lives because of crystal meth (and G). Your flippancy and ignorance beggars belief.

    2. Well firstly you have to already be doing tina (crystal meth) and be a part of that scene and once you are there you will know your way

  6. That was your point? Really? And there was everyone else thinking your point was that Antidote had invented a problem that doesn't really exist so it can get more funding

  7. Seriously? This article is ignorant in the extreme! What world are you living in. Spend one weekend in Vauxhall/Kennington and log on to any "app" Grindr/Scruff and you will see in a certain part of the Gay world injecting drugs and swilling G has become the norm for some "at home" and even before going out.

    I have no idea where you live or who your social circle is, and what significant research you have done to post such a cynical, thoughtless "cranium-shatteringly stupid" article.

    There IS a problem, but it is not "statistically insginificant". It is absurd in the extreme to write an article essentially based on the premise "well, I've not heard of it and nor has my friend, so it doesn't exist".

    Who exactly, in the GBLT community are you attempting to represent, if anyone?

    Reasearch, dear man, and evidence, (along with decent grammar and well placed wit) would make for much better journalism from you.