Friday, 1 August 2014

Drugs: And?

With headlines like “‘Most’ gay men have tried drugs” , “Would you have bareback sex under the influence of drink or drugs? This survey says you might” and “Gay sex ‘linked to drink and drugs’” , it appears that rather than combat this misconception, the GT survey has instead served only to encourage it...

A good piece on Guardian Data Blog by David Pegg on Gay Times' completely unscientific poll on gay men and drugs - which has over-estimated use by a factor of three.

The survey tells us nothing beyond what the people who responded to a survey claim to do.

To extrapolate anything more would be as daft as claiming 100% of gay men take part in surveys, according to a survey.

Yet to see a copy of GT, so don't know how they've framed it, but as 'research' this is bobbins o'clock. [Edit: GT has said it's not meant to be representative].

Just say no... to self-selecting surveys.

Oh no it doesn't!

PS Oddly a GT online poll showed the exact opposite, and 70% of respondents said they don't take drugs.

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  1. You can interpret poll data however you want. I' m seeing that str8' s are less able to have sex after drink/ drugs. What a shocker!! Bobbins as you say.