Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Outstanding: Not For Profit

Still trying to figure out how this works, and the point of it.

Apart from doing a pointless made-up List Of Top 100 Business Allies, and having a very expensive party where the winners pay to attend.

Oh, and the man behind it - Suki Sandhu - runs a city head-hunting agency.

No connection there!

I am sure they'll reply to my emails eventually...

[Edit: They have! And will reply tomorrow lunchtime].

PS Fagburn notes the deputy CEO of Outstanding is Joe Galliano - a former editor of Gay Times, where he was known affectionately by colleagues as Joe Galliarsehole. Hilariously thick, perhaps his greatest moment was commissioning a series called 'The Money Gym'. This was pulled at the last moment when it was pointed out this was a pyramid scheme.

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