Thursday, 16 October 2014

Word Of The Day: Queerbaiting

If I see another article in a publication oriented towards gay men proclaiming how hot Nick Jonas is, I might scream. I get it, he’s packed on some muscle mass since the last time he was relevant—and it’s always nice to have eye candy—but his recent appearances at gay clubs in New York seem a little disingenuous.

Jonas has a self-titled album coming out soon, and because the rise of One Direction and Justin Bieber has diminished his influence in the lucrative teen girl market, he needs to find a new group to promote his material. It looks like he’s found his audience: gay men.

His marketing team must be having a gay old time, if you’ll forgive the pun, because it’s a little too coincidental that Jonas has started popping up at gay clubs to take his shirt off, stripping down and emulating Mark Wahlberg for a photoshoot and tweeting “I love my gay fans,” around the release of the new album’s second single, “Jealous.” As a slight cynic, this doesn’t feel like a genuine way to attract fans—it feels like a marketing ploy.

Jonas isn’t the only high-profile act that capitalizes on the seemingly untapped mainstream market of gay men. The MTV show “Teen Wolf” has been working its werewolf-fueled magic in queer-baiting since the show premiered in 2011...

Conor Murphy, The Daily Cardinal.

Update: A sort-of - and somewhat muddled - reply on Towleroad; Yes, Nick Jonas Is (Sort Of) Queerbaiting His Gay Fans - So What?


  1. This is bullshit. Pop music has been sold on and directly to teenagers and their nether regions since forever. It's always been cynical. In the past everyone just assumed that a male pop star was selling to teenage girls and so what? It's fun, it's what teenagers want and it makes the stars a lot of money. But now it's being directly marketed to gay men it's suddenly "baiting" and we're supposed to hold our noses up.
    I've watched Teen Wolf and it's got lots of hot chicks in it too. I wouldn't be at all surprised if Nick Jonas' fanbase is largely made up of women. Why is it so bad that they're finally starting to outwardly acknowledge and cater to the fact that the bummers exist too?
    Anyway, Nick Jonas is hawt and he's a diabetic and I, for one, will knock one out later while thinking of him and I shan't feel guilty or cynically manipulated for having done so.
    Good day, sir.

    1. But this is a particularly brazen pitch to Teh Gayz, and it's sad how much gay media has obeyed...

    2. All publicity by every pop star who ever became famous seems brazen, to me. Much more so than this. How is what Nick Jonas is doing any more brazen than the endless interviews pop stars give about their ideal girl etc? It goes back decades and it's always been brazen. They sell themselves on the notion that they're sexually and emotionally available to their fans. Smash Hits was full of it. This isn't any more brazen, it's just that the target has changed.
      I don't think the sad thing is how much gay media has "obeyed" anymore than Smash Hits obeyed the marketing of pop stars to teenage girls in the past. The sad thing is that (gay) online media is only concerned with hits and will therefore print any old shit (so endless lists and items about celebrities instagram photos etc).

  2. lol. brilliant BK. i was going to say the same sort of thing. since when are gay men an "untapped market" ???

    i see endless tapping of gay men and i dont think anyone minds one bit. apart from the hand wringing hoards of cretins, some of whom have articles to sell. :P

    i notice that it is illegal to be gay in gambia and is about to become even more illegal. you can write to the president of Gambia about this. the address is on the amnesty international site which i will link below. he will decide on 24th October so you can also send an email or tweet.

  3. i didnt even bother with this after all.